“I don’t like your mother”

Z. said this one day to my wife:

I don’t like you mother, she’s mean.

I’ve blogged about my mother-in-law in the past.  She’s a passive aggressive person who likes things her own way.  Even my 7 year old daughter can see this.  My in laws are coming to visit tomorrow for a week, hopefully Z doesn’t have to deal with a “mean” person all week.

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Back in the saddle

It’s been quite some time since I last blogged here.  N and I have sold our home, but it took us close to a year and a half, and did us no good on the weight control front.  Keeping a house showing ready takes quite a bit of time, time that would otherwise have been spent at the gym or meal planning.  Really, though, that’s an excuse, but one I’m using.

I gained around 50 pounds, depending on when you count from.  Not a good result if I’d like to live a rich full life.

So here I am again to start over, to get back in the saddle and take control of my eating habits and do more exercise than I have been doing.  To be the role model my children need as opposed to simply the role model they get.

So what’s changed?  Why am I back in the saddle? What concrete actions have I taken?

I visited Dr. Freedhoff and signed up for his program. My experience with him and his staff so far is quite good and what I expected.  Lot’s of good information and no BS. No hard sell on anything, just facts. It’s early days yet (week 2 of 22), but I really like what I see so far.

My initial impression of the program:

  • Calories are the number 1 thing to be monitored
  • Exercise is good, but you won’t lose weight and keep it off getting exercise 100% right and not getting food 100% right
  • tracking your food is a huge factor in whether or not you will succeed

On that last point, I started tracking after my initial consultation with Dr. Freedhoff and did NOT attempt to change my diet.  The tracking had an immediate impact, I was suddenly aware of how many calories I was taking in during the day and without really trying I limited myself.  The tracking made me aware.

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That Guy: Filling gas tank to nearest dollar

Are you that guy? Do you fill your gas tank until the click where it is almost full, then add just a little more in trying to get to the next dollar value? But that’s not good enough you got to $39.00, you then proceed to hit an even $40.00, only to end up at $40.01.

I understand why you would do that if you wanted to pay cash, but not with a credit card.

Does anyone still pay cash at the gas station?  With so many fast pay options available why pay with cash?  If you’re not paying with cash, then don’t bother trying to round up to the nearest dollar.  It make absolutely no sense. None. When the pump clicks off you’re done! It’s a brilliant system.

Other than being something I laugh out loud at when I see in action, why should you stop this practice?  I could tell you, but there are already plenty of resources out there that cover this.

Car Talk: Overfilled gas tank-what effects?

Car Talk: Overfilling Gas Tank


Good ‘ol Google

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Are they printing it out?

5-7 business days to process an e-mail unsubscribe request? Bullshit


Opt-Out Preference


Your request to opt-out has been submitted and will be processed within 5-7 business days.


Computers, you know, can pretty much do things when you ask them to.  So this thing taking 5-7 business days is the worst kind of lie.  Are they printing out the request and sending it through vacum tubes to the unsubscribed department?!

Seriously, this is simply an excuse to continue sending you e-mail.

The worst part is that I never used this company’s services.  Two separate people with similar names to me signed up using my e-mail address. I even alerted the company and assumed they had taken some kind of action.  But no, I still got very personal financial related e-mail and now I am getting the spam.

Sorry, but you now you go into my spam folder.

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Recipe week at Losing It In Ottawa

I have a new post up at Losing It In Ottawa. It contains a favorite recipe of mine, that I like to call fart salad.  I like to call it that because, if I eat it, I uh well uh am likely to uh well fart.  It contains a lot of beans and well beans make me fart. Farting is good for you 😉

The rest of the Losing It In Ottawa team will be posting recipes through out the next two weeks.  So be sure to drop by and check them out.  Barbara’s recipe sounds really good and I happen to have picked up some pork, so I’ll be giving it a try tonight.

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Uncle Ray

The banner for the month of March is a picture of my uncle Raymond when he got a gift of a sword.  This was a long time ago and I don’t remember him getting the sword, but I do remember it hanging above the mantle of his fireplace for decades.

I love this picture for the pure joy on his face.   Looking at it, I can feel the happiness he must of had in that moment when receiving that gift.

He could use some of that joy these days, as he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is now undergoing radiation treatments.

Life can be short and cruel, enjoy every second of it you have and don’t count on there being a tomorrow.  Plan for a future, but live in the moment, because life is happening right now!

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My Mother In Law Annoys Me

This isn’t a real shock to anyone that knows me and I wish it were different.  The truth though, is that my mother in law annoys.  She is a passive aggressive person who always seems to think you should be doing something other than what you are currently doing.

One of the things that especially annoys me is one things she does when she comes over to our home to visit.  Her and my father in law, who I would gladly invite to move in with me, live 6 hours out of town.  The kids don’t get to see them often and they love it when they visit.  My mother in law, though, likes to keep the kitchen table setup to eat.  You know, leave place mats and napkins out, and glasses or water on those place mats.

She used to set it up for the whole family and leave it like that for the whole time she was visiting. We’ve managed to persuade her not to leave it out for everyone, so now she only leaves it out for her and my father in law.

We don’t like this setup because we have young children that haven’t really learned to fully appreciate when something is about to go wrong.  I have rescued many a glass from a near tradgedy.

Until today… as I say, ‘the glass…’ crash onto the floor goes one of the setup glasses.

The irony here is that it wasn’t one of the children, it was my mother in law who did it. She was trying to make space for my daughter and dragged one of these placemats with glass on it.  She dragged it so the glass, which was right next to her hand, fell right off the table.

Maybe my sister in law was right, she might be starting to ‘lose it’.

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