My Mother In Law Annoys Me

This isn’t a real shock to anyone that knows me and I wish it were different.  The truth though, is that my mother in law annoys.  She is a passive aggressive person who always seems to think you should be doing something other than what you are currently doing.

One of the things that especially annoys me is one things she does when she comes over to our home to visit.  Her and my father in law, who I would gladly invite to move in with me, live 6 hours out of town.  The kids don’t get to see them often and they love it when they visit.  My mother in law, though, likes to keep the kitchen table setup to eat.  You know, leave place mats and napkins out, and glasses or water on those place mats.

She used to set it up for the whole family and leave it like that for the whole time she was visiting. We’ve managed to persuade her not to leave it out for everyone, so now she only leaves it out for her and my father in law.

We don’t like this setup because we have young children that haven’t really learned to fully appreciate when something is about to go wrong.  I have rescued many a glass from a near tradgedy.

Until today… as I say, ‘the glass…’ crash onto the floor goes one of the setup glasses.

The irony here is that it wasn’t one of the children, it was my mother in law who did it. She was trying to make space for my daughter and dragged one of these placemats with glass on it.  She dragged it so the glass, which was right next to her hand, fell right off the table.

Maybe my sister in law was right, she might be starting to ‘lose it’.

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