Are they printing it out?

5-7 business days to process an e-mail unsubscribe request? Bullshit


Opt-Out Preference


Your request to opt-out has been submitted and will be processed within 5-7 business days.


Computers, you know, can pretty much do things when you ask them to.  So this thing taking 5-7 business days is the worst kind of lie.  Are they printing out the request and sending it through vacum tubes to the unsubscribed department?!

Seriously, this is simply an excuse to continue sending you e-mail.

The worst part is that I never used this company’s services.  Two separate people with similar names to me signed up using my e-mail address. I even alerted the company and assumed they had taken some kind of action.  But no, I still got very personal financial related e-mail and now I am getting the spam.

Sorry, but you now you go into my spam folder.

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