That Guy: Filling gas tank to nearest dollar

Are you that guy? Do you fill your gas tank until the click where it is almost full, then add just a little more in trying to get to the next dollar value? But that’s not good enough you got to $39.00, you then proceed to hit an even $40.00, only to end up at $40.01.

I understand why you would do that if you wanted to pay cash, but not with a credit card.

Does anyone still pay cash at the gas station?  With so many fast pay options available why pay with cash?  If you’re not paying with cash, then don’t bother trying to round up to the nearest dollar.  It make absolutely no sense. None. When the pump clicks off you’re done! It’s a brilliant system.

Other than being something I laugh out loud at when I see in action, why should you stop this practice?  I could tell you, but there are already plenty of resources out there that cover this.

Car Talk: Overfilled gas tank-what effects?

Car Talk: Overfilling Gas Tank


Good ‘ol Google

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