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When to eat?

When do you eat? The old standard is ‘three squares per day’, meaning breakfast lunch and dinner from the four food groups. Today, most advocate eating several small meals per day, usually 5 or 6. I was first introduced to this concept … Continue reading

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First showing with new agent

We had our first showing with our new real estate agent last night.  Not sure how it went as we haven’t gotten any feedback.  I’ll assume by the silence that they are currently not interested. The showing reminded me how … Continue reading

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Cheat Day

When you are trying to change your lifestyle, I think a cheat day is an essential tool.  It allows you to realize that you can still have you favorite foods, even if only occasionally. There are many people that given the … Continue reading

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Falling behind, for now

neeroc has pulled out in front in our head to head Biggest Loser: Work Edition challenge. While she has managed to lose weight, I on the other hand seem to have managed to put some on. The good news though is … Continue reading

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Finally tracking food with SPARKPeople

I mentioned SPARKPeople a while back. I started using it again and discovered they now have an iPad app as well as an iPhone app. These apps make it easy to track your food throughout the day. They have an … Continue reading

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Goalie Tip: Angle, Depth, Position in that order

I forgot to mention earlier today one of the most important pieces of information I got at the goalie clinic today.  Angle, depth, and position matter and they matter in that order. In that order because the angle has a … Continue reading

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Groin Pull, not the good kind

The second session of the goalie clinic was this morning.  Biggest feedback point for me was keeping my eyes on the puck and where it is going.  I was looking down at my feet while trying to work out the … Continue reading

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